Data Collection

SCANAMIND - Tap into the subconscious mind


Scanamind is an in depth profiling system that takes research data to an entirely new level. One that doesn’t just catalog answers, but organizes and dimensionalizes them to help you understand the unspoken thoughts that drive individuals preferences and answers on a subconscious level.

Conceptual structures of thousands of consumers, Be able to visualize in a single map

Scanamind Visualizing unconscious mind

With Scanamind’s proprietary system of unconscious data collection and correlation, you gain access to a vast majority of consumer behavioral data that you have been previously unable to access.

Sample 1


Sample 2

map2 and 3

※Creative Brains Inc, holds the patent rights based on patent law for technology related to Scanamind(Patent No.3335602 , Patent No. 3278415, Patent No. 3417941, Patent No. 3638943, Patent No. 4824837)

These patent rights are applicable in the USA, Germany, France, and the UK as well.
※Scanamind is a registered trademark of Creative Brains Inc. (Registration No. 5109952)

It is also a registered trademark of the company in 35 major countries around the world (International Registration No. 1131308)

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