Have you ever needed to:

  • Have doctors in Japan answer your research questions?
  • Launch your survey quickly and obtain answers as quick?
  • Outsource your project work from survey translation/localization to raw data collection?
  • Listen to online IDIs live from Japan (with simultaneous translation) ?
  • Have a report from a professional moderator with all the key findings that you got from Japan?

A compact compilation of our Healthcare write-ups and self-survey findings.Spotlight on Healthcare image for website (1).png
We will cover:

  • Consumer trends and behavioural patterns in the adoption and usage of mobile health apps in Asia.
  • How technological innovation is driving the advancement of healthcare in Asia, with a focus on
    developing markets.
  • How retail businesses in Asia are incorporating healthcare services to reinvent themselves and
    adapt to the pandemic.

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Our doctor community is here to help!

Simply create a survey on your end and let us take care of the fieldwork.

Do not have time or other resources to localize the survey and program it?

No problem!

Our team of local experts will help you localize the survery and our dedicated operations team

will create a survey screen and launch it to the requested target audience.

Should you need to dig deeper, we can arrange in-depth interviews,

provide a moderator and deliver you the findings.

You may also choose to listen to the interviews live with simultaneous translation

and review the English interview recordings later.

What makes it special?

  1. 1
    Ability to obtain answers to your research questions from doctors of a particular specialty within a short period of time
  2. 2
    High data quality with license and background check process
  3. 3
    Targeting doctors from variety of specialties

Case Studies 

Basic Attributes

  • Specialties
    (top 5)

    1. 1. Internal medicine (30%)
    2. 2.Cardiology (9%) 
    3. 3.Gastroenterology (9%) 
    4. 4.General Surgery (8%) 
    5. 5.Pediatrics (8%) 
  • Number of registered
    Healthcare Specialists

    100,000 +

  • Number of
    Registered Patients

    460,000 +

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