Agile Research:

A New Paradigm in Marketing Research


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Agile Research: A New Paradigm in Marketing Research

In the dynamic marketing research environment, the Agile Research model is steadily gaining prominence. With roots deeply embedded in software engineering, Agile Research presents an iterative model that fosters continuous refinement. This approach stands in stark contrast to conventional marketing research practices that follow a rigid, step-by-step progression.

Agile Research, with its basis in conducting successive, rapid surveys, accelerates the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle, thereby supporting swift adaptations. This novel perspective gives businesses an edge in navigating and promptly responding to rapidly evolving market scenarios.


The Agile Research Methodology

Agile Research applies a distinct methodology using frequent surveys, swift application of insights, and a highly accelerated PDCA cycle. Here's a snapshot of its critical aspects:

  1. Rapid, manageable one-time surveys.
  2. Successive repetitions of these surveys in quick succession.
  3. Swift implementation of improvements suggested from the surveys.
  4. A robust, efficient PDCA cycle.

Bypassing the traditionally lengthy process of survey planning and design, Agile Research zeroes in on individual elements. This focus facilitates rapid and efficient enhancements in products and services, in tune with shifting business needs.


Advantages of Agile Research

In the domain of survey design, Agile Research is a true game-changer. The overarching theme for a series of surveys is set beforehand, but the individual themes within each survey are not rigidly pre-determined. Each new survey draws on insights and hypotheses generated from the preceding ones, enabling deeper exploration of emerging improvement areas. Agile Research significantly trims the cost and time expended on each survey, compared to traditional market research methods. This efficiency makes it a practical, affordable solution for comprehensive, large-scale studies.


Agile Research in Action: UX Improvement

When it comes to practical application, Agile Research excels at enhancing the User Experience (UX) on websites and apps. The iterative Agile methodology allows for a continual creation-evaluation cycle for user interfaces, facilitating rapid identification and resolution of design issues. This persistent cycle of evaluation and quantitative verification supports significant UX enhancements, improving overall user impressions of digital platforms.


Essential Tools for Agile Research

Successful Agile Research requires a range of specific tools:

  1. User-friendly questionnaire and interview tools: The nature of Agile Research calls for conducting surveys and interviews swiftly. To facilitate this, easy-to-operate questionnaires and interview tools are critical. Instead of delegating this task to external researchers, these tools should ideally be manageable in the business. By conducting these research activities in-house, organisations can streamline the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle, thereby accelerating the pace of their research and its subsequent improvements.
  2. A reliable system for recruiting suitable research monitors: Agile Research is incomplete without respondents or 'monitors'. But, gathering the desired audience for surveys and interviews can pose challenges. Suppose you need to survey 1,000 people within a specific demographic, such as males and females in their 30s living in the Tokyo metropolitan area. It is possible that the company you request may not have access to an adequate number of people who meet these conditions. Therefore, it is crucial to engage a company that not only fulfils your requirements in terms of cost and speed, but also possesses an ample base of survey monitors.

Equipped with these essential tools, companies can successfully navigate the world of Agile Research, thereby adapting rapidly to changing market conditions and making well-informed decisions.


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