GMO Research: Wrapping Up 2021 and

Welcoming 2022


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GMO Research: Wrapping Up 2021 and Welcoming 2022

2021 has been a whirlwind of a year, with many industries welcoming it with uncertainty. At GMO Research, despite the trepidations felt at the start of the year, our teams overcame the challenges and adversities and delivered on an exceptional level.

For many across the team, 2021 was a year of challenges and changes, rethinking and redesigning, and overall adjustments. From remote working, as the world continues to battle COVID-19, to servicing clients within an industry that was transforming at a pace faster than expected, the GMO Research teams in the United States, Europe and Asia had to recalibrate and think out of the box.

According to Marianna Dobre, Director of the EMEA region, the effects of COVID-19 had continued to impact the way the teams worked and the services provided. It was a massive challenge to quickly and effectively adapt to the shifting market demands and stay connected with clients and partners in an online environment. However, the adaptability of our teams allowed them to tailor the outreach and services offered to our clients and meet their expectations by simply listening and understanding their needs during this period.

Christopher Taylor, Director of the India region, noted that sales had grown 30 per cent compared to 2020, highlighting a positive progressional growth for the business.

By redefining the way GMO Research operated, GMO Research continued expanding its clients’ portfolio, despite the challenging year. In addition, as we continue to grow our Healthcare panel, the EphMRA membership was a significant milestone for our team.

Challenges aside, 2021 also brought about many lighthearted moments as many of us navigated the world of remote working and online meetings. Moments such as repeatedly telling colleagues “You’re on mute”, fumbling around to change video backgrounds, the coos of babies born during the on and off quarantines, technical glitches and more had brought about many smiles and laughter amidst the tiring year that many of us may have had.

As 2022 draws nearer, and with the year of transformation we have all gone through, it is safe to say that the new year will be met with more positivity. Our Directors in Asia, Europe and the United States all firmly believe that our teams will continue growing our clientele database while capitalising on new methodologies and platforms that will continue to enhance the information they receive.

Christa Arite, Director of the US region, shared that she foresees GMO Research playing an even more prominent role in the US market in the coming year. Together with her team, she is looking forward to establishing the best practices for sample management within a dynamic research landscape and understanding new research methodologies and topics in 2022.

The challenges and adjustments that we have all gone through in 2021 have readied us to welcome the new year with renewed spirit and vigour as GMO Research endeavours to continue our drive to become number one in our industry.


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