GMO Research launches new Corporate Tagline: Beyond Marketing & Technology


Tokyo, Japan – April 27, 2015 - Asia’s premier market research solution platform provider, GMO Research, Inc. has launched a new corporate tagline as a part of a branding initiative in the Asia, EU and US markets.
The new tagline and technology based identity is aimed at building a stronger brand in the global market.

GMO Research helps businesses learn more about diversified consumer
behaviors today and pursue the most efficient marketing strategy with
three advantages.

First is extensive panel network coverage in Asia.
Second is a unique data collection method combining state-of-the-art
technology & profound market research experience.
And third, is a platform combining the above two – a true marketing platform
that can merge any data source, allowing clients to incorporate insights into
real-time communication.
The more we connect with consumers, the more we connect to the type of
data we were unable to collect before. Say farewell to the separated procedures
of conventional marketing activities.
And let GMO Research guide you to the era of seamless marketing.

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