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GMO Research collaborates with EK2A & InsightXplorer to launch new service brand 'Engagement Lab'

- Engagement as a Service (EaaS) for Game / Cosmetics / Outdoor / Travel industry -


TOKYO, JAPAN - 21 December 2020 - Leading online research solution platform GMO Research, in partnership with research consultancy Easy Key 2 Asia (EK2A) and InsightXplorer Limited, has rolled out a new initiative to engage consumers in Asia. With a scientific approach, Engagement Lab provides engagement as a service (EaaS) that aims to decode the consumer journey and generate actionable insights, empowering brands to drive success in markets across Asia.

With growing demand and pressure for consumer data privacy, there is increased legislation in this aspect, making it harder for businesses to access consumer data. Frustrated with spam and excessive advertising, consumers are fighting to regain control over their digital life and retain privacy. All these have resulted in the fragmentation of consumer data, making it harder to access and decode the digital life of consumers.

Engagement Lab (URL: seeks to address these challenges through a permission-based consumer panel where consumers willingly opt in and get compensated for their engagement. This scientific approach towards engagement involves leveraging data to decode the consumer journey and derive actionable insights that can help drive success in each stage of product or service development. This is a highly scalable solution that is complementary to any existing marketing efforts and can be replicated across multiple markets in Asia.

Engagement Lab offers 4 strategic tools to help brands engage with their target audience:
1.       Engagement Insights – insights, data and reports on decoding the consumer journey
2.       Engagement Advisory – consulting services on strategy and crisis response
3.       Engagement Testing – real time testing of concepts, messages and market movements
4.       Engagement Outreach – consumer co-created ideas and content for wider sharing

With the help of GMO’s Asia Cloud Panel, which consists of over 36 million online consumer panellists across 15 APAC markets, Engagement Lab is able to leverage this scientific approach to help clients drive success, position for COVID-19 recovery and scale across Asia in a very short space of time.

Takashi Ito, CGO (Chief Global Officer) of GMO Research, Inc., comments: “APAC is certainly a diversified market that is impossible to comprehend at a glance, and it has become even more so with the impact of COVID-19. We hope that Engagement Lab can capture people ‘in the moment’ and help clients engage their targeted audience in APAC through our lenses of insight.”

“We are excited to launch Engagement Lab where we proactively study key industry issues, understand consumer changes and the perspectives of micro-influencers for various markets. We hope that the service will provide decision makers with timely insights and ideas on how they can better engage customers in this ever-changing environment,” says Tatt Chen, CEO of EK2A.

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