Press Release

GMO Research expands platform reach to Taiwan and Vietnam. Capabilities in China grow.


GMO Research, Inc. has expanded their data collection capability by adding two strategic partners onto their research solution platform called Cloud Panel. GMO RUNSYSTEM CORPORATION, a subsidiary of the GMO Internet Group, has developed the new Vietnam panel. Insight Xplorer Limited of Taiwan is GMOR’s new partner in Taiwan. Service in both countries has become available on December 18th, 2012.

In addition, the third partner for China Cloud Panel has joined the platform. The addition of DATA 100 MARKET RESEARCH brings the total unique reach to 1.6 million respondents in China.

【About GMO Research Cloud Panel】
GMO Research is on a mission to provide access to multiple panels globally at a low cost through our research solution platform. By filtering panelists that only meet our strict quality measurement standards, we provide access to high quality panelists across multiple countries in Asia. As the platform includes multiple panels in one country, GMOR de-dupes all duplicates before adding onto the platform. The entire project management process from feasibility checks to invitation sends are controlled at GMOR.

As of December 2012, Cloud Panel has expanded to four countries in Asia.

Below are 5 Features about Cloud Panel

Feature 1: Reduces bias to a minimum

With the China Cloud Panel (*4), we are able to search for and extract the exact panelists that are best suited to participate in a project from multiple research panel websites. On our system we can search for and extract panelists` information from multiple panels in a unified way. Information such as panelists` basic attributes, tastes and behavior has a tendency to be biased with a single source, so by extracting from multiple sites, we can reduce panelist bias to a minimum, thus obtaining the most accurate research data. On this occasion we are acquiring the basic and detailed attributes of Quality & Quick Survey`s large-scale “Number One Research Network.”

Feature 2: Retains GMO Research`s unique detailed attributes

At GMO Research, we manage and operate our research panel by our strict quality management system that can withstand the high demands of our clients, based on our own unique quality standards. By conducting regular profiling surveys in order to update information on our panelists` attributes, ranging from basic attributes such as gender, age and residence, to more specific attributes such as occupation, occupational field, use of luxury goods, purchasing of electrical goods etc., we maintain detailed yet up-to-date information on our panelists. Due to this, we are able to directly pinpoint the panelists with the attributes required by our clients, thus we can offer a great reduction in the time and cost required for our clients` research.

Feature 3: Accurate Feasibility Checks

By managing and analyzing each panelist`s past record of survey participation, we can make accurate predictions on the number of completes that can be achieved for future projects.

Feature 4: Research is efficiently carried out by “myGMOR,” our portal site

With our proprietary project management site “myGMOR” (*5), we can easily search for and extract panelists from the China Cloud Panel and carry out research projects in one efficient process.

Feature 5: Panel companies can easily be added to Cloud Panel by API

Panels are simply connected to China Cloud through our Application Programming Interface (API) called infoPanel Connect (*6). When clients carry out research with the panelists retained on Cloud Panel, the companies that provide the panelists benefit in two ways. Their website is kept activate and updated without spending money on operational costs thanks to the surveys that are being carried out, plus they can profit from surveys.

(*1) A panel is a collection of panelists. A panelist is one person who has consented to participate in a survey. A “multi-panel” is a number of panels that can be used together as one panel.
(*2) As of present, the China Cloud Panel is not a multi-panel system equal to our Japan Cloud Panel , but we are aiming to offer the same quality for Chinese research as we do for Japanese research before the end of 2012.
(*3) The number of people excluding duplicate registrations from the same person.
(*4) GMO Research Cloud Panel is a multi-national platform service that incorporates multiple research panels that allows users to target only panelists with accurate personal data by searching for and extracting panelists with the attributes required for a survey from multiple research panel sites. Each research panel is connected in a “cloud” formation, meaning that although it is made up of multiple panels, it is possible to search for and extract panelists and carry out research as though it were one research panel. In addition, it is possible to calculate the feasibility and actual invitation deployment in one place, allowing users to obtain highly accurate research results while reducing the time and cost of the research.
(*5) A contract for using “GMO Research Cloud Panel” is required in order to use “myGMOR”.
(*6) A contract for “GMO Research Cloud Panel” is required in order to use the “infoPanel Connect” API.

Through increasing the number of partnerships with various panel sites and expanding our proprietary research panel, GMO Research is continuing to endeavor to deliver the highest quality data to our clients.