Press Release

GMO Research starts Internet Research services in the Philippines


GMO Research has expanded their online sampling capabilities to the Philippines by partnering with Hallo Hallo Mall ( The new service will be called Philippines Cloud Panel. (*1)

Last year the Philippines had the highest economic growth in Asia by percentage with a 7% increase in GDP(※2). With consumers having more buying power than ever, market research needs are expected to go up.

The Philippines Cloud Panel includes the 60,000 online shoppers of Hallo Hallo Mall, one of the largest online shopping sites in the country. Clients will be able to target active consumers with buying power in the Philippines using the Internet.

Philippines Cloud Panel has more than 40 targetable attributes including ownership of home electronics and automobiles, travel experience, and household income among other targets.

Internet surveys have become quite common in Japan and other nations with high Internet Penetration Rates, but it has not been so common in South East Asia. With the development of Philippines Cloud Panel, it will be less time consuming to conduct surveys about consumption in the area.

GMO Research currently has 24 partners on their research solution platform including 14 partners in Japan and 10 across Asia. As of September 2013, Cloud Panel has expanded to eight countries in Asia.

(*1) Panel is a group of unique panelists that take market research surveys
(*2)Based on the 2013 GDP Report by the IMF