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GMO Research Unveils Innovative Solution to Tackle “Ghost Completes” in Online Surveys on ASIA Cloud Panel


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GMO Research, Inc., a pioneer in Asian-focused online research, announced a revolutionary enhancement to its ASIA Cloud Panel1. The vast GMO network, which currently encompasses 48.9 million2 consumers across 16 countries and regions, will now include functions to identify and exclude “Ghost Completes”—fraudulent survey responses that have posed significant challenges for Internet research globally.


The introduction of this innovative function is a testament to GMO Research's unwavering commitment to quality control and the delivery of credible, high-quality consumer data. As “Ghost Completes” pose a growing threat to the authenticity and reliability of online surveys, the development of this technology in response aims to safeguard the integrity of the research process.


Understanding "Ghost Completes”

ghost complete

"Ghost Completes" have emerged as a major concern for online survey platforms globally. These are fraudulent responses where individuals falsely claim a survey has been completed to obtain rewards, without actually providing any genuine data. This method not only undermines the credibility of research data, but also results in unfair costs for survey providers.


GMO Research’s Robust Quality Control Approach

Prioritising panel quality control and survey reliability, GMO Research has always been active in combating fraudulent activities. The company has employed various countermeasures, such as scrutinising survey response data, and introducing "trap surveys", which are intentionally designed to include trap questions to filter out panellists who answer incorrectly.

With this newly developed function, GMO Research’s system will be able to analyse panellists' behaviours while responding, enabling the automatic detection and filtration of "Ghost Completes", further supporting the robustness of their panel quality control approach.



For more information or media inquiries, please contact:
GMO Research, Inc.
Shinya Imanari - Panel Innovation Department



  1. Panel is a group of members, known as the panellists, who have agreed to cooperate in surveys. Panel network is a system that enables monitors to participate in surveys on a regular basis and collect data over a long period of time.
  2. As of August 2023.