Alcohol Consumption Study


GMO Research and InsightXplorer of Taiwan recently executed a four country survey on alcohol consumption. Countries covered in the study were Taiwan, Japan, Korea, and China. These four countries have a well established market for alcohol and the recent trends were discovered.

Results of the survey show that the majority of legal aged adults drink, at least recently. About 92% of Chinese consumers claimed to have consumed alcohol in the past 3 months. This was followed by Korea with 90% and Taiwan with 72.5%. Japan had the lowest alcohol consumption with 67% of respondents consuming alcohol in the last 3 months.

Beer seems to be the preferred beverage of choice. In all four markets, beer was the most commonly consumed alcoholic beverage. In China and Korea, about 80% of survey respondents consumed beer in the past 3 months. This was compared to 55% in Taiwan and 52% in Japan. Price and the low level of alcohol make beer easier to purchase. However, it seems wine is gaining fast popularity across Asia. In China, more than 74% consumed red or white wine. This is compared to 31% in Japan and 37% in Korea. Japan use to be the largest market in Asia for wine, but this is changing.

There were differences between countries in where people prefer to drink. Findings show that Taiwanese and Japanese consumers are more accustomed to drinking at home. This is the complete opposite of China where 90% like to drink in shops or restaurants. Koreans showed no significant difference between drinking at home or outside. Inquiring about the venue for consumption outside of home, Taiwanese prefer to drink at “Regular Chinese restaurants”, Chinese prefer to drink at “Mid level Chinese restaurants / Regular Chinese restaurants / High end Chinese restaurants”, Japanese consumers mostly drink at drinking establishments called “izakaya” and Koreans prefer to drink at “Mid level Chinese restaurants / Regular Chinese restaurants”.

Survey Details
Country: China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan
Samples: 500 per country
Fieldwork Period: 5/2-5/8

For more information contact: (GMO Research) (InsightXplorer)