Independent Study:

Make-Up vs Skincare in

Malaysia, Indonesia and Japan


To give you a look into how much Asia is a melting pot of diversified values, we did a little comparison on the different notions towards Make-up and Skincare in Indonesia, Malaysia and Japan. Based on the frequency of applying Make-up vs Skincare (Top 2 boxes) during the day in each country. Those in Malaysia and Japan had similarities where Skincare came first over make-up. On the other hand, those in Indonesia are comparably more interested in make-up.

Comparing items used for make-up in the 3 countries, Face powder – Lipstick – Eyebrow products came on top in Malaysia & Indonesia, but in Japan; Foundation – Eyebrow – Eye Shadow were the top 3. As Malaysia & Indonesia being from a more tropical region compared to Japan we can see people prefer face powder rather than foundation to avoid running make-up. Another interesting point is that Japanese are more considerate toward the eyes rather than the lips compared to the other 2 countries.
For more on the results, feel free to contact us, as we have the tabulated data ready for you.