The most cost-effective solution
for conducting online surveys 

MO Lite is a powerful survey sampling solution, for any marketers who are aiming to use their own DIY survey tool to conduct quick & simple surveys

Full support from APAC local experts Compatible with any free online survey tools 49 million panellists in 16 APAC markets 10 cents per question

There is an increasing demand for DIY market research tools that allow companies to conduct surveys remotely and at a low cost. When a company really starts to plan a research project, they face three main obstacles:

1. The target audience is limited to the company’s own service and/or product line, so the company cannot collect a larger number of responses.

2. Recruiting people for a survey is a time-consuming and costly process.

3. Localizing questionnaires, ensuring they align with local law, and checking that the contents address the cultural and linguistic background correctly takes a great deal of effort.

To address these issues, GMO Research has developed MO Lite, a new service that enables companies to link their own DIY market research tools to recruit survey respondents directly from one of the largest pools of research panellists in APAC. With MO Lite, the survey price is as low as *USD 10 cent per question and *USD 1.00 per sample, which comes with full support from APAC local experts.

* Project minimum fee is USD 300 and cost to be defined based on survey criteria