Press Release

An Alternative to Focus Groups

in Japan


Conducting Focus Group Interviews in Japan can be expensive and timely. We often hear that Japan is one of, if not the most, expensive country to conduct traditional qualitative research. This has to do with high costs related to facility rentals, labor, and translation/interpretation. For those that do not have the budget or time to conduct on site qualitative work in the Far East, there are alternatives, and one of those is Market Research Online Communities (MROC).

MROC is an online community that gathers participants to chat about a specific topic for a limited time period. Unlike a focus group where a moderator asks participants one by one to answer questions, MROC allows rich conversation among the participants, which can bring out insight beyond the survey design. There are several comparisons we can make to a standard FGI.
– Participants do not have to all log in at once thus lessening the burden.
– Those who do not have the time to go to a Focus Group have a much easier opportunity to participate in MROC.
– Participants can upload pictures and videos of products that they use, creating an ethnographic type of output as well.
– Analysis and Cross Tabulation can be done quickly

At GMO Research, we offer our MROC service as an alternative option for clients that want to conduct economic qualitative research in Japan. There are five key strengths to our MROC service.
1. Experience: From home purchasing to canned coffee.
2. MROC Platform: Proprietary platform is tailor made for MROC communities.
3. MROC Moderators: Our staff has extensive experience with moderation.
4. Community Design Expertise: Projects will be customized to your research needs.
5. Reporting and Analysis: Quick and Efficient analysis tools for MROC projects.

If costs are the only reason stopping you from conducting qualitative research in Japan, remember that there are other options.

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